Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More of the story...

Thank you so much for your comments on the post "A baby girl..."! I really enjoy hearing from you all! Just thought I'd share more of the baby's background that I heard from my neighbor...

The baby's mom was a pretty, young girl - barely 18. She was still in school, and when her family discovered her pregnancy, they were very unhappy, and continued to let her know that throughout her whole pregnancy. She was not well for a week before she died, and her family was still chewing her out even while she was at the clinic! Makes my heart just bleed for the poor girl!

The boy that she said was the father of the baby, denied it. And since she died, now the girl's and the boy's families are fighting over which family killed her! (putting the blame on voodoo).

How miserable and sad life is without the Lord... pray for our little girlie that she can grow up to love and serve the Lord!!!

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