Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back online!

    You all were wondering what happened to us, weren't you?

     Last week we got sideswiped by Hurricane Sandy, and had a lot more rain and wind damage from Sandy than we did in the direct hit from Isaac. Sandy dumped rain, Rain, and MORE RAIN! Being the weather bug that I am, I had been tracking the system coming across the Caribbean, and was especially concerned about it because Dads and my cousin Cleon & wife were planning to fly in around the time it was supposed to hit! Since their flight wasn't cancelled early Tuesday morning, I was really praying that they would be able to make it back here, before we got too much rain (that the road would be impassable). By the time they reached TG we were having wind gusts of 73 mph., but not much rain. They got here around 2 pm, and very shortly after the rain started dumping! By that evening we had 20" of rain, and we still had 2 more days of hard rain and wind. By the end of the storm on Friday my weather station had tracked over 57" of rain. I find it so hard to believe that we got that much rain, but I do know that rain just dumped, and it's nothing for us to get 2 or 3 inches an hour when we have rain like that, so I guess it would all make sense in the end. Believe me, we were sure glad to see the sun FINALLY shine on Saturday!!!  The wind destroyed our bananas and yams crops, and knocked my satellite dish (internet) off course, which is the reason it's been so quiet around here... It's been a very hectic week, and my visitors got to experience quite of bit of "life in Haiti" in such a short time! :)
     Hoping to post pictures soon...

Monday, October 15, 2012


Don't you just love this picture of Elaine playing "cook"? :-)
They get SO MUCH fun out of the cans and bottles around here. I have to lay claim to anything I want to reuse, or it will be long gone - out in the sandbox - appropriated by my children for some use or another.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rachel's birthday

Our Rachel is 7, and feeling smug for blowing all her candles out at once! :-)
And just for fun - some pictures of bygone years... I hardly knew where to stop on the old pictures!!! ;-) Maybe I'll have to do some more posts of old pictures.

Rachel and Emily

... Yes, that's Bethany and Jared with her! :-)

Dear Rachel, we are so thankful that God saved your life and brought you into our lives!!! 
Happy Birthday!!!

Rachel's father told us that he felt like God saved her life twice... Her mom had tried to abort her because they felt they couldn't handle another baby... then when Rachel was born, her mom died. - the family was sure that Rachel wouldn't have a chance to live either until they brought her to us. So many times when the children's relatives see them, they are just in awe... I'll hear them say to each other, "Remember how he/she was? We thought they were going to die. Just look at them! Gras a L'evanjil!" (here I interpret the meaning, 'cause it doesn't make any sense in English) - "Look what the love of God does for us!"

Monday, October 1, 2012

This morning...

 Elaine just loves to "read" to Weston. Since he loves to be read to, they both are entertained for hours. She makes up her own stories from the pictures - it's kind of interesting for me to listen to her "stories" too!!!! :-) 
Happy Monday to all!!!