Monday, October 8, 2012

Rachel's birthday

Our Rachel is 7, and feeling smug for blowing all her candles out at once! :-)
And just for fun - some pictures of bygone years... I hardly knew where to stop on the old pictures!!! ;-) Maybe I'll have to do some more posts of old pictures.

Rachel and Emily

... Yes, that's Bethany and Jared with her! :-)

Dear Rachel, we are so thankful that God saved your life and brought you into our lives!!! 
Happy Birthday!!!

Rachel's father told us that he felt like God saved her life twice... Her mom had tried to abort her because they felt they couldn't handle another baby... then when Rachel was born, her mom died. - the family was sure that Rachel wouldn't have a chance to live either until they brought her to us. So many times when the children's relatives see them, they are just in awe... I'll hear them say to each other, "Remember how he/she was? We thought they were going to die. Just look at them! Gras a L'evanjil!" (here I interpret the meaning, 'cause it doesn't make any sense in English) - "Look what the love of God does for us!"

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