Friday, March 30, 2012

All in a day...

 Yesterday my neighbor and gardener, Maxo, came to say that his wife was finally in labor. They had wanted to have their baby at home, but because there was a suspicion that she could be having twins, (and because I heard that I might be called to deliver the baby!!!) I encouraged them to go to the clinic to deliver. I told them that I would run them down to the clinic 3 miles away (half hour drive), and they were ready to do that. Well I got to their house to pick them up, and Zet was having contractions right on top of each other. Of course she didn't want to move off the spot! I soon realized that this baby was coming soon, and I didn't know if we'd even have time to get down to the clinic, especially if we had to stop for every contraction! I radioed down and asked for a nurse to come up - I was so relieved to hear that help was on the way! :) Andrew and Anita arrived about a half an hour later, and I was glad to be Anita's assistant instead of being in charge! :) The baby arrived about 20 minutes later. A healthy 8 1/2 lb. girl!
The team with Maxo. Andrew did a great job running errands, laying out supplies, and cleaning up the baby when she arrived...

Anita with the baby's sisters.
Later in the day Maxo brought her up to me, so that I could clean her up better, and wash her hair. She slept through the whole hair washing process!!!! So much fun to "play doll" a little bit again. I just love newborns!!!! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kenneth's latest feat

Can't you just see the look of utter concentration on his face??? :) 

Okay, he has been riding bike for a couple months now, it's just I'm trying to get caught up on posting pictures... To me he seems so little to be riding those bikes around, but he's a determined little fellow, and kept trying till he succeeded! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bethany and Elaine's Birthdays

Elaine and Bethany had a blast decorating their own cake for their 4th and 9th birthdays!
 The the fun of pictures with the decorated cake,
 the party - what fun to eat all those animal crackers, and candies sprinkled on the table!
 They cut the cake together and served it. :)
... And ended the day reading a story together... I love scenes like this!!! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thank you!

 Many dear friends blessed me with a surprise card shower for my birthday. 
Over 60 cards!!!
Many thanks to those of you who sent birthday wishes via email and comments, as well!

 My children tried so hard to make my day a special one, even sending a special delegation to tell me, "Mommy, we want you to have a really happy birthday, so we're going to try really hard to be good and kind to each other and not fight!" The thought was sweet even if they weren't entirely successful in their endeavors on that end! :)
Rose and Lor went all out in making a special supper and decorating the table. We spent the evening playing "Uno" with the littles while the older children cleaned up dishes, and then doing Shrinky Dinks with the older children after the littles went to bed... I am so richly blessed!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Humor

Here's some of my children's interesting thoughts on my birthday. :-)

Bethany: "Mommy, I thought you would stay in bed all day today."
Mommy: "Why?"
B: "Because you're getting older!"


From one of  'em:  "It's not Mommy's birthday till she has a cake!! " :-)

Michael to the other children: "When Mommy gets really, really old, are we going to wail at her funeral?" (!!!!)

In their minds I'm getting quite ancient!!! :-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Too young????

This morning Kenneth was proudly showing off his loose teeth. Losing teeth is a major milestone around here! But what made us smile was the little brother that showed up beside Kenneth showing off HIS "loose teeth"!!!! "Ummm... Wes, don't you think 20 months is a little young to be losing teeth?!!!"