Friday, March 30, 2012

All in a day...

 Yesterday my neighbor and gardener, Maxo, came to say that his wife was finally in labor. They had wanted to have their baby at home, but because there was a suspicion that she could be having twins, (and because I heard that I might be called to deliver the baby!!!) I encouraged them to go to the clinic to deliver. I told them that I would run them down to the clinic 3 miles away (half hour drive), and they were ready to do that. Well I got to their house to pick them up, and Zet was having contractions right on top of each other. Of course she didn't want to move off the spot! I soon realized that this baby was coming soon, and I didn't know if we'd even have time to get down to the clinic, especially if we had to stop for every contraction! I radioed down and asked for a nurse to come up - I was so relieved to hear that help was on the way! :) Andrew and Anita arrived about a half an hour later, and I was glad to be Anita's assistant instead of being in charge! :) The baby arrived about 20 minutes later. A healthy 8 1/2 lb. girl!
The team with Maxo. Andrew did a great job running errands, laying out supplies, and cleaning up the baby when she arrived...

Anita with the baby's sisters.
Later in the day Maxo brought her up to me, so that I could clean her up better, and wash her hair. She slept through the whole hair washing process!!!! So much fun to "play doll" a little bit again. I just love newborns!!!! :)

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