Saturday, April 28, 2012

Helicopter Landing...

Here's a video clip from 2 years ago... I wanted to share this one before, but couldn't because of it's size... I finally got it downsized... We needed a generator part urgently and since Samaritan Air was in country at the time, they kindly flew it up for us and landed on our flat roof... It's not fair that it only takes 20 minutes from Port by helicopter, when we spend 5 hours of grueling driving to make the same trip...

Please let a comment and let me know if you can or cannot view the clip... When I tried it told me that an error occurred and I couldn't view it, but I don't know if that is because of my connection or not. If it works out ok, I might post more video clips.

Work project pictures

The bosses are mostly done plastering...
A front view of the porch...
The doors and windows are all in now!
Ever hear of pouring a door? We were all puzzled when we heard them talk about "pouring a door", but after going out to see, it made more sense. Lee poured the cement down the steel door frames between the door and the wall.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Janelle's birthday!

 Janelle was so excited about her birthday! 
She said "Now I'm 4 just like Elaine and Jonathan!"
 It kind of made me feel funny to think that
 I have three 4 year-olds for a few months! :)
 She loved decorating her own cake!
 She did it in the afternoon a while before supper. 
Then she started getting impatient and kept saying,
"Mommy, I'm ready to sing 'Happy Birthday' now!"
 Here's pictures of the table... sometimes the challenge of making do with what you have is really fun! I felt at  loss to know how to make her birthday special without doing all birthdays the same...
 We finally came up with the idea of laying squares of tissue paper on the table. Then we scattered lollipops and some chocolate around votive candles. We hung some balloons on the ceiling, but because we've had so much rain lately, the balloons didn't want to stick because of the moisture!
 The children loved the balloons!
Finally, finally Janelle got to cut and serve her cake
 with help from Lor's younger brother, Leroy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


For those of you who are interested... the cistern is overflowing!!! :)
We've had around 12 inches of rain in the last 6 weeks...
So thankful for rain, even though it makes so much mud, and makes 
the porch and house so dirty! At least we have water to clean with!!!! :)
Here's a picture of Maxo's baby that I've been wanting to post for several weeks now.
 Isn't she a little cutie?! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life around here...

So I've been hearing complaints that its quiet on my end... Might I use the excuse of busyness? Excuses or not, it's true just the same...

I do want to keep you all up to date on what's going on around here, but how the days do fly by! We've had guests almost every weekend since the beginning of March. And we are enjoying that even if it does make life busier, 'cause sometimes we just plain feel a little lonely and in need of some good conversation with other adults!!!! :)

Our HUGE cistern is 3/4 full!!! That's such a blessing! :)

Right now there's work getting done on the addition, I need to just make it a point to go out and take pictures. Dads are here, and 2 of Lor's younger siblings are also here. Today the windows and doors are being put in place. The bosses have been plastering for about 2 weeks now, and it's so exciting to see something getting done...

Oh I *wish* you could hear my children sometimes...

According to Weston we don't have turkeys, it's "dobbles". And Mommy may have a Husky (HUV), but definitely *NOT* a *truck*... Oh I laugh at him - he gets so emphatic about it being Dad's truck not Mommy's. He'll say "Dad's truck - tractor (Husky) Mommy's!" :)

And the big old orange dump truck brought a load of cement and steel up this week. It happened to come just as we were finishing up family devotions. Kenneth (5) was praying as he heard it coming closer. It went something like this, "Dear Jesus, thank You for the dump truck, thank You that it didn't get stuck in the mud this time (he pauses as he hears the truck coming up the drive) - Amen!" (real quick). Then there was a mad dash  as all the children raced for the door so they could see the truck!!!!