Friday, April 27, 2012

Janelle's birthday!

 Janelle was so excited about her birthday! 
She said "Now I'm 4 just like Elaine and Jonathan!"
 It kind of made me feel funny to think that
 I have three 4 year-olds for a few months! :)
 She loved decorating her own cake!
 She did it in the afternoon a while before supper. 
Then she started getting impatient and kept saying,
"Mommy, I'm ready to sing 'Happy Birthday' now!"
 Here's pictures of the table... sometimes the challenge of making do with what you have is really fun! I felt at  loss to know how to make her birthday special without doing all birthdays the same...
 We finally came up with the idea of laying squares of tissue paper on the table. Then we scattered lollipops and some chocolate around votive candles. We hung some balloons on the ceiling, but because we've had so much rain lately, the balloons didn't want to stick because of the moisture!
 The children loved the balloons!
Finally, finally Janelle got to cut and serve her cake
 with help from Lor's younger brother, Leroy.

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