Monday, August 12, 2013


These two little guys are best of friends already. I often hear Jeffrey calling, "Wessin, where's Wessin?" They are together constantly - playing with wagons, drawing "pictures", discussing Weston's favorite book, "Chester the Rooster", and sharing snacks - they fight plenty, too. :-/ I told Weston this morning when he and Jeff were scrapping over some crackers, "Weston, you pray for another little brother and sister - if you had them, you'd have to do a lot of this same kind of sharing! :-)"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Picture overload =)

The rig set up at the second drilling site
The drilling crew (left to right) Jimmy, Sam, & Ivan
Sometimes the spectators had to help. If I remember correctly, these rods weighed 400 lbs!

After Weston had been down there watching for a while, Yeye asked him, "What are they doing down there?"

He was quick with his answer, "Making ice cream!"

With the foam that they used I can see why he thought it looked like ice cream. =)

Always spectators...

And often decisions to make...

And the children???? Fun, fun, fun...

Cherlise with my newest nephew
"hay rides"

The children got so grimy and filthy! Their bath water was brown - or red!!!

Final drilling update

Well... we finished drilling last evening around 6. We did go down to 380', but we didn't hit any better water source than we had found at 150'. We'll have to wait till we can put a pump down to know exactly how much water there actually is. They moved the rig over to Don's land last evening and are planning to start drilling there today. I'm working on posting pictures from the well drilling.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drilling update #8

We left off drilling over lunch, so we could have an idea how much water we were getting. It wasn't that great, so our question of whether to keep drilling or not was answered. We are currently about 315' feet down - 380' is the deepest the rig can drill. Keep praying!!!

Drilling update #7

We are getting water! Right now they're right around 300' and still drilling through rock. More water is coming up, but at this point it's hard to tell just how much...

Drilling update #6

They're drilling again... I'll try to post more pictures later today. Right now they're down about 210' - still drilling through rock. Ivan said last night that he figured they were getting  water at the rate of 1/2 gallon per minute. So we'll see - hopefully we hit more water soon. Keep on praying! =)