Saturday, May 12, 2012

More pictures from the weekend...

 I felt like I was just soaking in all the beauty... that's why I have so many scenery pictures! :-)

 We convinced the waiter to take a picture of all of us one evening...
Little Cherie. :-) We all love her to pieces!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A weekend with friends...

Last weekend, I went out to Port with Anita, and Steve & Shana. Anita and I had been talking for a long time that we should do something to celebrate both of our 30th birthdays this year, and it finally happened!
We had a lovely weekend, enjoying the fellowship, the beauty of the sights around us, and the ocean...

The first morning we went down to the water, there were a lot of jellyfish around. One of the Haitians brought one out of the water to show us. He told us that if they sit in the sun, they will melt. We could see it dissolving before our eyes, but we threw it back in the water, before it died! :-)
A jellyfish in the water. After I took the picture, I was surprised to see the little striped fish underneath!
Can anyone tell me what this fruit is??? I showed the picture to Yeye and she didn't know what it is...
The 2 room bungalow where we stayed...
 The rooms were nice, clean, and comfortable. :-)
 The beach. Most of the time we were there, there was hardly anyone around...
 I loved spending time down by the water, watching the waves, reading, thinking, and praying... Definitely my favorite spot!!!!
(for all my friends) :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The bosses are done!

After weeks of work and lots of dirt, the bosses have finished the last of the platstering!!! Seems like the worst is over. Now it's just the porch grates, painting, tile, electrical and plumbing to finish. Can't wait! :-)
 Our new door that opens from the existing porch... 
 The new school room! 
 ... and a couple pictures of the window grates. Dad and Lee were able to get all the gates welded in one day, and the next day the ladies painted them! :-)

 These next pictures are the view from our new porch...
 When it's clear we can see the Caribbean Sea! In the winter the sun sets over the water, and it is such a pretty sight!

 My 3 youngest who came out with me in their pj's to take pictures. :-)
And a picture of the porch itself. We already love this new porch!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The blessing of friends...

 MaryAnn from IFM came up to visit the other weekend. I knew her slightly because we went to church together for a few years in the States, but never really learned to know her till that weekend. I so enjoyed those 5 days that she spent here! We found that we have a lot in common, and I think we talked about everything from A to Z including child training, life in Haiti and all its challenges, preemies, etc, etc! :) 
And our babies were both preemies and are only 6 days apart! :)
 Contrary to looks Veronika is actually taller than Weston! :)
Thanks for coming, MaryAnn! You were such an encouragement to me!!!

PS. Weston was sitting on my lap as I was getting ready to post this, and he just loved the picture above... He kept saying over and over just kind of whispering to himself "Mommy and 'Wetin'..." :-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 I haven't done a Weston post for a while, are you all ready for one again?! :)
 The other day it was so rainy and muddy outside,
and Weston found some entertainment on the porch!
 He made the saw his "moto"...
 ...and had a party on it!!!

Looking at pictures before bed with Lor and Leroy. 
Weston just loves following Lee all over the place!