Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drilling update #5

We were able to get a hammer drill bit from another mission in Port late last night. So the guys were anxious to get going this morning at daybreak. So far so good. They are down about 80' now - they were in rock since 57', and this hammer drill is speeding the process up majorly. They're able to move through the rock at the rate of 1 foot/3 minutes - instead of an inch in 5 minutes like yesterday! They are going to have to bring another compressor up from town, because the one they are using isn't quite doing the job, but it's not hindering the drilling either. Thank you for praying!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drilling Update #4 ~ Strike 1

Around 3pm, we drilled into a cavern about 130' underground, so that well attempt had to be abandoned. They set up again at another spot, and have just started drilling. We hope and pray for success this time! Please keep praying!!!

Drilling update #3

We're still drilling through very hard rock. We've only gone down 20' today. If we don't get through the hard rock by 3 this afternoon, we will need to pull everything up and use a bigger bit and casing in preparation for a hammer drill late tonight or tomorrow. Please pray that we can get through the hard rock before 3 (and hit water!!!!) :-) 

Drilling update #2

Drilling has been very, very slow this morning. We are drilling through hard rock with a few places of softer rock. We're still at a little over 100', barely moving at all. Keep praying!

Monday, July 29, 2013

We're drilling!

The guys were at it bright and early this morning getting the rig ready to go.
They started drilling around 2:00 this afternoon, and are down to about 100'. The first 80' was mostly soft dirt, then they hit solid rock; the going has been much slower now.

The children have been so intrigued by the whole process (grown-ups, too!!! :-))

Please keep praying that we hit a good water source!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just get in line... :-)

Kenneth loves to give shoulder squeezes. :-)  I laughed when I realized there were 3 more lined up behind him joining in the fun. :-)