Thursday, May 10, 2012

The bosses are done!

After weeks of work and lots of dirt, the bosses have finished the last of the platstering!!! Seems like the worst is over. Now it's just the porch grates, painting, tile, electrical and plumbing to finish. Can't wait! :-)
 Our new door that opens from the existing porch... 
 The new school room! 
 ... and a couple pictures of the window grates. Dad and Lee were able to get all the gates welded in one day, and the next day the ladies painted them! :-)

 These next pictures are the view from our new porch...
 When it's clear we can see the Caribbean Sea! In the winter the sun sets over the water, and it is such a pretty sight!

 My 3 youngest who came out with me in their pj's to take pictures. :-)
And a picture of the porch itself. We already love this new porch!

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