Monday, August 20, 2012

Balloons and Water

 My children just LOVE water balloon fights... Anything with water is just super fun for them... I took these pictures several weeks ago, but wasn't able to post them before because I had them backed on my external hard drive while I sent my computer in for warranty service. Can you imagine the screaming and commotion that goes on during a water balloon fight, from this picture? :-)
 The balloons were gone, but they were reluctant to stop the water fun... After all now that we have a cistern, we can actually spare some water for fun!!!! Here Weston is expectantly waiting to have water poured over his head...
I think that was about more fun for him than the water balloons were!!! When I took him inside and gave him a bath a little while later, he was still talking about how much fun that was!!!! :-) 

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Erin Martin said...

Too cute! I can almost hear the squeals of delight!