Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home again...

...From a lovely weekend in Wisconsin. I know Donovan & Thea both very well from the times that they individually lived and worked here in Haiti, so it was a special honor to be present at their wedding, and share in their joy of God's leading in their lives! The weekend was so busy from beginning to end, but I so enjoyed it all... So many Haiti friends were there that it felt like a grand old Haiti reunion the whole weekend long! We topped off the weekend with a Haiti reunion on Monday, and then headed home on Tuesday. 

I got home Tuesday night at midnight, and my children were up the next morning before I was. :-/  They got into a discussion whether one of the suitcases was mine or not. Janelle solved the argument by walking up to the suitcase and smelling it. "Yep, it's Mommy's, I smelled it!" :-)

And Weston comes by later, "Mommy, I'm ready!"
Mommy: "Ready for what?"
Weston: "Ready to read 'chug, chug, puff, puff'" (Tootle)
He's been begging for all of his favorite songs and books since I'm home...

The best part about going away is coming home again! Just have to love this crew!!! :-)

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