Saturday, June 9, 2012


I thought since I haven't been posting many pictures lately, I could at least take the time to let you have a little peek into our lives today!

It's a beautiful day! Warm sunshine with refreshing breezes! The children are having so much fun outside. They made a "tent" in their sandbox, and their imaginations are the limit to all the things they can find to do with their "tent".

Kelly had 7 puppies a couple weeks ago. This week the children discovered that their eyes are open, and to them that's the signal that they're big enough to play with. They each picked their "own" puppy, and take out in the yard to play for hours... even wrapping them up in "blankets"!!! :-)

After the children clean up in the evenings, they like to play "kick the can" before they come in for bed, and it  is so cute to watch Weston enter into the game too. He runs over to the can, puts his foot on top, and calls all the children out! :-)

And a few laughs...

Yesterday Kenneth, (who is really wishing for a pig again) asked me, "Mommy, didn't Alex' pig hatch yet?!" Can you tell that we've had lots of chicks hatch around here??? I had to chuckle as I told him, "Honey, baby pigs aren't hatched like chicks, they're born like puppies!" (The children were able to watch the puppies when they were born.)

A little while ago I was having a mid-day snack of animal crackers. Elaine must have thought that I didn't know when to stop, or else she wanted some too 'cause she said, "Mommy, you ate too much candy!"

Weston recently acquired a pair of flipflops that are slightly too big for him... He loves those things, though, and has to learn how to walk while wearing flipflops. I got such a kick out of him shuffling around, obviously tickled, and then he'll look up beaming over and over, "Tank-ou, Mommy!"

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