Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Boys...

      Jared, Kenneth, and Weston all celebrate their birthdays within one week's time, so we end up just doing  one party for all of them. It's such a highlight for them to decorate their own cake - do you notice Jared's tractor that he created out of Reese's pieces... Weston just plopped or threw his little candies on the cake, and Kenneth lined his up all in a row. Makes me smile to see their personalities show through in the little things. :-)
    Isn't this 2 year old just way too cute??? :) I know I'm prejudiced because he's mine ;-). He was super, super excited about his birthday, has been talking about it for weeks already, and now to actually see his cake... his joy was complete!!! He is doing pretty well in the graduation from diapers. :-)

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