Monday, June 4, 2012

Cherlise is 6!

 Six already?! It's hard to believe how fast the time flies by...
I love how sometimes she runs into the room with no other intention than to throw her arms around you in a quick hug, and then she's off to her play again! She is such a little sunshine (most of the time!!! ;-) 
 Hard to believe that it's already 6 years since she was this size... Her mom died 2 weeks before she came to us, and in that time she dropped from her birth weight of 4lbs 8 oz to 3 lb 12 oz.!

   Cherlise, you are a "Jewel" just like your middle name! 

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♥ Amy said...

What a little miracle! I love those six-year-old, toothless smiles. Happy birthday to your girl!