Friday, June 10, 2011

Three Years...

Don't we all love going back through old pictures? It brings back good memories, but at the same time reminds us how fast children grow up. I came across this picture yesterday that was taken 3 years ago when the girls were babies. Now they're such young ladies that it's hard to even imagine them being babies! That led to digging out the old cds where the pictures are stored, and we all enjoyed looking at the pictures from "so long ago"! And the video clips were priceless. Made me realize that I need to take more of them! 
And beware 'cause you'll most likely be seeing more pictures from the by gone years! :)

Don't they all look so little?!

This one of the children was taken last fall...

And one of all of us from this spring... God is so good, and He never fails!

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