Monday, June 6, 2011

Shall it be feast or famine?

I'm sorry... no excuses... I just haven't taken the time to upload my pictures from my camera and get them posted - until today... And then I could hardly decide if it should be a feast or famine on the pictures... 

 Without knowing exactly what all made the week so crazy, it has felt like a very hectic week... A tropical wave has dumped inches upon inches of rain and created a very muddy outdoors. We haven't seen the sun in days! So of course no matter how hard we try, the laundry has a very difficult time getting dry. I think when the sun does shine through the clouds and fog we will be all the more grateful for our warm Haitian sun! :)

 Here is a picture of the cholera treatment center (CTC). It has been operating since last Monday. It hasn't just filled up like we thought it might. Which is a good thing, 'cause it means that the cholera isn't spreading too fast. But they've had enough to keep them very busy down there, and we're still waiting to see which way it's going to go. Whether it'll fizzle out or get worse... Because of the rain and mud they ended up moving the CTC to another building much closer to the A mission... They were able release a number of people and were down to 3 last night, but this morning they're up again to 7 with a few more under observation... Please continue to pray for the situation... We hear heartrending news sometimes... On Friday it was about a lady that was soon due to have her baby, and got cholera. Her husband tried to find help to carry her to the clinic and none of the neighbors wanted to help because of the rain and they were afraid of the cholera. She died before he was able to get help for her...
 And now some pictures from here... How about home grown pineapple? This is the one that I posted pictures of several months ago. That was one of the sweetest pineapples I ever ate... Just wish I knew enough about growing pineapples to have a whole field of them! :)
  I just love coconut palms... These are gifts from Pastor Claudy's family who knows how much I like them. The picture below is one of 4 that they gave nearly 3 years ago. Only one survived, and just last week, they sent 3 more... (one is pictured above) I so hope that the hurricanes don't destroy them, the goats don't eat them, or no other misfortune befalls them!

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