Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Helpers

The minute I step foot inside the kitchen with the intent of cooking or baking, I have 2 little girls instantly underfoot begging to be allowed to help...
Sometimes it can seem so much faster, less mess, and easier just to do your things yourself, but I know they'll never learn unless I let them help. And I figure I might as well teach them to enjoy work while they are begging to help! :-) 
Sometimes I just have these moments of, "This is the life!" to be able to work in the kitchen with my two little girls... and then I want to capture the moments...these were the babies of what seems like yesterday - and they're growing up way too fast!!!


♥ Amy said...

Such sweet pictures. I love the pics on this post and the last. I enjoy how you capture the childhood innocence and the simple happiness that comes from helping.
Have you gotten your book yet?

Lisa Miller said...

I agree! I have some very vivid memories of those two little girls as babies!