Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goat butchering

Sunday morning we discovered that dogs had attacked our goats during the night. They killed and ate 3 big goats, 4 kids, and punctured the intestines of the another nanny. (she died later) All that was left of the big goats were the heads and front legs... there was no sign of the kids. The dogs' destruction left us with only 2 billy goats. Billys do a lot of good by themselves, you know, so we butchered them the next day. It was a good educational experience for the children. I know, I should have a lot more pictures. But fact of the matter is, we didn't take anymore, and I'm not sure there are very many who would've enjoyed them if we had... but I would've liked to share pictures of Rose cleaning the intestines, and scraping hair off of goat heads and appendages... :-)
See Janelle standing in the corner with her hands up at her face? She was the only one that was not at all interested in this butchering business. :-)
And the boys? Well this was grand!!! They were delighted to hold the legs while Maxo skinned 'em.
We ended up with about 20 lbs of meat. And not a bit of those goats was wasted, let me tell you!!! Every single last bit was parceled out to someone -heads, legs, stomach, kidneys, intestines - you name it - except for the skin. I don't know that they did anything with the skin. I was telling the children that it would be fun to tan the hide, but I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing. :-/ I have to smile when I remember how before I came to Haiti, I would be so grossed out at the thought of eating goat, but I didn't realize what good cooks these Haitian ladies are... By the time they have it washed, marinated, cooked and fried... well let me just say - it's really, really good! I tasted the heart, but sadly it ranked the same as liver in my opinion... (shudder...)

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