Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mangoes, anyone??

My children love mangoes!
They beg for them all the time when we have them.
Don W. brought a whole big box of them from their home in L. We were all thrilled!
Mangoes... anytime... any way...
anywhere... :-)


Marlene Fisher said...

Wow, I miss those sweet Haitian mangoes! Love the pics of the children, especially that last one of Cherlise!! :-)

Anonymous said...

It took me six months of living in Haiti to figure out that I am horribly allergic to Mangoes.

Like, when the kids would eat them and then touch my arm, I would have a fiery red hand print on my skin within twenty minutes.

That said, I loved Mango season-- when all the kids would go walking down the trails with a mango and a wide smile.

NHM said...

Marlene, I like that picture of Cherlise too... so like her isn't it? :)

Natasha,I never dreamed there was such a thing as an allergy to mangoes, until recently. It seems I've heard of a lot of people that are allergic to them. Does that mean you can't eat them either? Some people say that they can eat them as long as they don't get mango on their skin...Blessings!