Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here's your laugh for the day. :-)

It was nap time and Weston, hoping to get out of a nap, asked Yeye if he may stay up. Yeye told him, "Al mande Mommy" (Go ask Mommy).  He came to me with a strange request, "Mommy, Yeye said I should bite you." Bite me? Ok... Haitians do bite each other (gently) in a show of affection... whatever... He bit my cheek and ran off to play, but I burst out laughing as it dawned on me how he misunderstood what Yeye told him! In Weston's mind "mande" (ask), and "mode" (bite) were way too close! :-) So that's how he got, "Go bite Mommy"!!!!

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