Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bits o' humor

This afternoon Rose made some iced coffee for a refreshing afternoon snack... Pretty soon I hear this little voice begging, and Weston wasn't content till he was enjoying sips of Mommy's iced coffee! It seems he thinks whatever Mommy drinks is good for him, because he always begs for sips of straight black coffee too!!!


Last night we were already in bed when Jared called out, "I want to open the light porch!" (he wanted the porch light turned on) :)


And yesterday after I changed the strings on my viola, the children were begging for some music. As I rosined the bow, I dropped the rosin and it shattered to bits. The children helped me pick it all up, and Jonathan (4) gave a gentle reminder, "Mommy, you should be more careful!"

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Jesse and Carol Myer said...

so cute:)~ and love your new layout.:)