Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tropical Storm Emily

I'll stop giving the excuse of being so busy for the reason of not posting- but it still remains... :) 
I just need to get out my camera and take pictures once... 

         On Thursday Tropical Storm Emily tracked through our area. They were predicting 6 - 12" of rain with isolated amounts of 20". But the mountains of Haiti and the DR had their toll on Emily and she was soon downgraded to a tropical wave... It was fairly mild for us. We had 2" inches of rain and 2 days of wind, but only a few hours of constant wind around 35 - 40 mph with gusts up to 52mph. The rest of the time winds were mostly around 20 mph. We were thankful that it wasn't worse and the Haitians were delighted that their bean crops have a chance to survive!

Today is a beautiful day. Just perfect for all the laundry we have to do... Sunny and breezy, and so comfortable. If we had the sun without the breeze it would be hot, but the breeze without the sun would make it cold. We are enjoying the clear blue sky after so many days of clouds and stormy weather. The children are  having a load of fun playing out in the sunshine!

And now I have lots to do while the sun shines! :)

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