Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life in Haiti tonight...

    Rain pounds on the windows, as we are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene. It's been interesting how we've had 3 days of wind, but no rain until today. I was beginning to think that we weren't going to see any rain from the hurricane. The rain started around 5 this morning and has kept up through out the whole day - and the hurricane is currently over the Bahamas! All day we've had winds between 30 and 50 mph along with an inch of rain. We're so glad to be in out of the weather, and to have a dry house. I had to lock the windows to keep the driving rain out on the south side, but other than that we're fine. I had a  friend call late this afternoon just to find out how we are making out. Wasn't I afraid of all the wind? they wondered. I said, "Oh no, I love it!" We'll all be so glad to see the sun shine again, though! My children get so buggy from not being able to go outdoors at all. They can't even play on the porch because the rain blows in so much. It's good to have school to keep them busy at least! :) They've enjoyed playing with dominoes too, making all kinds of shapes and trains. :)

On Monday afternoon, I heard wailing coming from a neighbors, and I was like, "Oh no, not again!" But it was again... The second time in about 3 months that that household has had a death... A few months ago it was an 8 month old baby, and now it was the grandfather. He died very suddenly, though they say he hasn't been doing so great the last while. We refer to them as Guylene's family as Guylene has worked for me hauling water already (Guylene is the daughter of the man who died)... Please pray for their salvation. It seems like such a dark household, and we long to comfort their hearts and reach them for Christ.

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