Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yesterday was this young lady's 7th birthday. I can hardly believe how the time flies. Seven years already?! :)
She was absolutely delighted to bake her own birthday cake. It was a green jell-O cake. :-) I had so many things to catch up on after being in the States for a week, so the birthday celebrations were on the quieter side. But Cherlise loves puzzles, so she was thrilled to spend time with Mommy and several of her siblings putting a brand new puzzle together.
Our dear "Lili", We are so thankful for you. It's a delight to watch you thrive in school and mature in so many ways. I love to watch you so gracefully twirl in the yard for sheer joy and love of life. We pray that God would raise you up to be a woman who loves Him passionately and serves Him faithfully - for His glory!

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♥ Amy said...

Love that last picture! Happy birthday to your little one.