Monday, January 14, 2013


Last Sunday this little cutie's dad brought him, because he could no longer care for him. The baby's mom died 2 months ago when he was 4 months old. The dad was milking his cow to feed the baby until the cow died. The dad's sister was helping him care for "Mykel" but when she got sick, he felt like he could no longer keep him.
He fit into our family so quickly - just as if he had always been here...

Weston loved his "little brother". Any time of the day or night he'd come running, "Mommy, where is the baby?!"
We were all smitten with him! ;-)
Michael, especially loved him, because they shared the same name...
It was fun for me to have TWO little boys... :-)

Isn't he SO CUTE?! 

But there comes a time to say good-bye, and it was a sad day when we said goodbye to him, as he went to join his (Lord willing) forever family. We are so glad to know that he is greatly loved and will be raised in a godly home.

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Carrie said...

People go through such hard times, but thank the Lord for wonderful folks like you that have opened their hearts and homes.