Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 So the rain is over, but the wall still needs to be built, and the sand that needs to be sifted for concrete is very wet. We had a beautiful weekend of sunshine, and were ready to begin bright and early Monday morning - with 2 1/2 days left to do the project that was the main purpose of their trip! Of course that day my hired man had to take off for a funeral, and we had to sift all our own sand... Here's the proof ;-) - Cleon & Lori made a really good team! The next day when Lori was shoveling sand for Maxo (my hired man) she said she'd never try that again, because he never stopped for a break! I told her, he couldn't stop as long as she kept on shoveling!!! He was amazed at this "blan"!!! :-)
 Dad cutting the doorway in from the other side (to minimize the dust in the house). I wish I had a picture of him when he was finished... Even his eyebrows were coated white from the dust!!!
 My boys enjoyed helping wherever they could...
 Stress management at its best??? (Breaking the doorway out with a sledge hammer)
 The finished wall with the doorway cut in...
 ("Is Mommy taking a picture of us????")

 The Haitian bosses came up on Thursday and in 2 days had the wall plastered. 
 Saturday night we put hours of "elbow grease" into the tile floors to get all the concrete off before it got any harder!!!
Somehow, having this wall up and the door cut in make the addition project seem so much closer to being finished! And it makes the other rooms feel more connected to the rest of the house! We'll have to let the concrete cure for a while before we try to paint, or the paint will just run off the walls...

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