Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some conversations around here...

   Yesterday Bethany was talking to me about the road being really washed out since TS Isaac:
B: "Mommy, if you went to TG today, would you roll the Husky???"
Me: "I certainly hope not, but I wouldn't take any of the children along, because the road is too bad..."
B: "Oh, that would be SO awful if someone came and told us that you died! We wouldn't have a Mommy anymore, and then who would take care of us???"
Me: "Well, Bethany, God knows all of that, and He will always take care of us and supply our needs."
B: "I know! It would be better if the children would always die first, and then the Mommies wouldn't have to worry about who would take care of their children!"

(And I wondered if the Mommies might die then from broken hearts???)

    I served eggplant to the children last night... Michael wondered, "Is this the plant that we put in the ground to get eggs???" (He does know where eggs come from, we have enough chickens around, but maybe the chickens eat eggplant to lay eggs??? :-) )

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