Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still here!!!

Good morning from the mountains!

    It's been silent on here, I know, and I'm sorry. Life around here has been SO busy! My computer has issues and I did a system recovery in hopes that it would fix itself. But that didn't help, so my pictures that I've been wanting to post stay on  my external hard drive till my computer gets fixed.

Speaking of hard drives...Michael was with me while I was transferring files off my computer and I asked him to get my external hard drive. As he brought it he wondered if he needs one when he learns to drive??!!

The work is getting done! Dad and Carl worked so hard to get all the grates for the porch welded and put up. Mom and Esther painted and painted! Today they are working at getting primer on all the grates so they don't rust before we get them painted. Dad and Carl just got everything hooked up, so we can pump water directly from the cistern right to the barrel on the roof!!!!

Everyone is well, except Weston has a cold. But he is feeling better. We are so blessed! God is so good!

Hope to figure out some way to post some pictures of the work soon!

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