Friday, May 27, 2011


There's been a cholera outbreak in our general area of Les Palmes. The clinic not far from us is maxed out with 200 patients and only staffed with 1 doctor. They were turning people away. Please pray for the situation. That God would provide the medical staff needed to deal with the situation, and that He would supply the supplies to treat the cholera. Also please pray that God would protect the children from getting it. Children have a hard time understanding why they shouldn't put their fingers in their mouths, and why they always need to wash their hands. Though I must say that Cholera is no joke to my children and they're very concerned about it. I don't doubt that they will do their best to follow my precautionary instructions! :)

On a side note. Please pray that it would rain today, so that we would be able to have rain water instead of buying it. Our water goes through a UV light and we also filter our drinking water as an extra precaution, but it would be a real blessing if we would be able to have rain water instead of bringing it from the spring. Cholera in the area just underscores how badly we need wells back here. Please continue to pray that God would make that possible!

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