Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here's what the shop looks like today! 
The bosses should be done laying block by Tuesday.
 Dad kind of feels like he's getting into a time crunch... so much to do and so little time before they have to be home to start work again... but it's coming along well.
 Jared and Michael are enjoying the Saturday break from school and having fun playing with the wheelbarrow.
 Now just some random scenery pics from our yard... It's such a pretty day outside!
 One of our California orange trees that we planted last spring. It looks like they'll do well here.
 A hanger of bananas growing in our grove.
One of our banana groves... I lost count how many plants we have!

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Jesse and Carol Myer said...

that is looking really good!!!! I hope too, that your dad is able to finish before coming home. You would love the extra room!!