Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The following I received as an email written by another missionary, Clayton, who was in Port-au-Prince at the time of the earthquake...
Douz Janvye
(January twelfth)

"This is a day that will never be forgotten in the lives of many, many people. Probably all of us have some day every year that we especially remember. Maybe we had a child die, maybe an accident that crippled our body for the rest of our lives, maybe it was the day when the doctor came to you and told you that you were fighting cancer and the road ahead looked very very grim. Maybe you don't have an event like this in your life, I don't know. I didn't before one year ago today. Sure, I had a birthday, I had the day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, etc. etc.. I had days that I remembered every year, but these were all happy things. Days that brought joy in my life.

For all of the Haitians and many others, the twelfth of January is a day that will never be forgotten. It is a day of reflection. For many they remember life when they had all of they limbs. For some, they remember life with a father and mother. For others they remember spending days trapped under tons of concrete before they were rescued. Hundreds if not thousands of people are visiting the mass graves where their loved ones no doubt were carried by dump truck and dumped in holes with thousands of others. As you can see today is not an easy day, for the nation of Haiti. For myself, I realize how easy it was to not deal with all of my emotions, but to just put them aside. Now a year later, they all come flooding back. It's hard and sometimes impossible to hold back the tears when I remember some of the things I seen that day. The pain and suffering was tremendous. Images of girls hanging from their waists, but with our tools and hands it was impossible to get them free. I remember a man trapped by his arm in between tons of concrete and a steel table, with no way to rescue him without jacks and the proper equipment. I remember being inside what was soon to be a collapse grocery store only hours before it went down. All of these things and many more bring tears to my eyes when I remember them. But I am saddened even more by the thousands of souls that are daily entering an eternity in hell. What am I doing to save souls? I see and work with people everyday who are on the road to hell. They are living lives of lies and immorrality. Am I showing them God's love? Am I telling them About Christ? Am I working for the Kingdom of God? Sure I can do alot of good things, build houses for people that need them and stuff, but many non-Christians are doing the same thing. But it's not about doing good things, it's about telling others about Jesus and showing them a better (the ONLY) WAY. There was much pain and suffering that day a year ago. You can still see the effects of that day everywhere you look. But that pain is nothing, Nothing in comparison with the pain that Jesus endured when He separated Himself from God and took on my sin and your sin that the whole world would be saved if only they would turn from their wicked ways and repent..."

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