Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec. 7, 2010

Dad's are here for 3 days... A flying trip to get the damaged shop pieces reordered and get everything lined up to put it back up and hopefully finish it in January and February...
Weston is so intrigued by Dad. He just stares and stares when Dad talks!

 Can't you just imagine the thoughts going through his brain?! It seems like Dad's are familiar to him and that's why he tries so hard to figure it out... It's only been a month since Dad's were here...
Bethany's hair was one of my recent projects... it took me probably about 4 hours to do the 99 braids - but I didn't do it all in one sitting! It was a few braids here and a few there over the period of a a day and a half... I really hope it lasts a month at least. It's really good for their hair to braid it tiny and not as often... And Bethany has a bad habit of fiddling with her hair, so that half the time it looks like she never gets combed. I hope this will last a lot longer!

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