Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!

Rachel was so excited about her 5th birthday! Since I can't do birthday gifts very easily here, I try to make their birthdays as special as I can in other ways... Rachel's happened to be in the form of a little tea party... Lor took them out of the room for a bit and Rose and I had fun decorating a table... We had made finger jello shapes, cut little sandwiches out with cookie cutters, and made spiced cider. We scattered some candy on the table, and don't forget the cake and lots of candles!!! Then we called the children over...

I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but I loved the look on her face - she was SO excited when she saw "her table"!!! :)

She had one request... she wanted to serve the cake... I wish that I had pictures of that, because that was definitely a highlight for her and she loved every minute of it!!! But I was giving her a hand with the cake cutting process!

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Don and Karole Weaver said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!! I enjoyed the pictures! ~Karole