About Us

New Horizons Haiti Children’s Home was founded in 2005 by the Les Reinford Family. NHM Haiti Children’s Home is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is financially supported partially by our church –Shalom Bible Fellowship, Shartlesville, PA – and many other interested individuals. We are conservative, Bible-based Christians,  committed to raising up a generation of children to love and serve the Lord with all their hearts. We have 11 children and desire to keep the home small enough to feel like a real family and home. The children speak both English and Creole, and we school them in English. It’s our vision raise them up to be Godly men & women and to provide them with an education that would best enable them to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He would call them to, whether it be in the form of pastors, interpreters, school teachers, keepers at home, doctors, nurses, agriculture, etc.
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